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Purposeful Hustle

Purposeful Hustle

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Purposeful Hustle helps you answer the question: “How do I use my talents, skills, and resources to create a greater impact?”

To be an effective change maker, you have to blend intentional thought (Purpose) with intentional action (Hustle). When engaging in Purposeful Hustle, you are directing your life’s work toward intentionally making a positive impact in the world. Therefore, a Purposeful Hustler is someone who exists in the world with the ultimate goal of creating change!

Storytelling is used throughout the book as a way to bring essential lessons and concepts to life. You will be given action-oriented reflection questions at the end of each chapter, alongside practical tools that are aimed at putting intention into motion.  In addition to walking you through a step by step guide to naming your Purpose, Deanna will teach you how to build the four competencies that every Purposeful Hustler needs!

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